Nukunonu Background


On the atoll of Nukunonu,there are two main settlements: Fale (Village) and Motuhaga. These two settlements are joined together by a "concrete Bridge."
Beautifully situated on the southern-western edge of the lagoon, the landscape of Fale (Village) settlement is uniquely structured. Each house is built on a "Square" land plot where four stoned-roads surround each house. There are three main roads in the village(Fale) settlement namelY: Ala Gatai(Lagoon Road): Ala Loto(Middle Road): and Ala Tua (Ocean Road). Motuhaga is a recent settlement where the "St Joseph" hospital is located.

According to the 2006 census 426 people live on Nukunonu; 242 men and 184 women. For the de jure usually resident population of Nukunonu there are 132 males for every 100 females. This compared with the 2001 census of 361 people on Nukunonu; 194 men and 167 women. Almost the same number of men to that of women.